Hello from the boarded-up, well-stocked hideout!

Welcome one and all to our newly re-vamped website! I's been a while in the making, but thanks to our Publicity Pimp Corpse S. Chris of the Horror Host Graveyard ( www.horrorhostgraveyard.com ), we're up and running!

Thanks also to everyone who stopped by our recent appearances at the March Monster Mania and April Chiller Theatre conventions. These were some of the best shows we've ever done, and once again it was all due to you!

Please remember that the next Monster Mania is August 20-22, 2010 ( www.monstermania.net ) and Chiller Theatre is October 29-31, 2010 ( www.chillertheatre.com ). Get your tickets today and come hang out with us during these events!

Also, as a continuing special for our friends, come to either of these conventions wearing your "Zombie Hunters:City of the Dead" t-shirts and gear and get the latest episode on DVD FREE!


If you're not checking this out, you're really missing something. Our friends at Cult Radio A Go Go have started their own retro-horror online TV station: Cult TV A Go Go! In addition to old horror films, they now have "Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead" ON DEMAND! That's right, streaming video of all the episodes, only at CTAGG!. Just check it out. Seriously, it's very cool.



You might have heard about how we constantly work on the show, and that's because we really do. Whenever and wherever we can. And that's because we are committed to bringing all of you the latest episodes in the unfolding ZH drama. Episode 7 is slated to be completed by September, and Episode 8 (the last of this current season) by October. Many people have asked us when the Zombie plague would grow to the point where the world could no longer deny it; trust us, it's about to go down. And the Hunters get caught up in the forefront of it.

And not everyone is gonna to get out of this one alive.

Additional filming for this episode took place on May 15th, a marathon 16-hour breakless day by our incredible crew and army of actors. What we got from that day was pure Zombified heaven. We think you'll all be pleased!

So stay tuned and keep in touch, because this thing is about to take a radical turn, and we want you all to see it! Drop us a note whenever the mood strikes ya!


In non-Zombie news, Devarez Films LLC (our parent company) has secured the rights to make a film adaptation of a story from the early days of Heavy Metal magazine. While not Zombie-related, this short film shows the will of one person against a society geared to crush her innermost self. And fans of
Teri Hansen ("Carrie Walker" on ZH) will be pleased to see her in the starring role! Principal photography is slated to begin in March of 2011.

And while we'll already be shooting the
second season of ZH, the summer of 2012 will also see us in pre-production of another film, this one taking certain aspects of classic horror and turning them slightly on their undead ears. We're taking back the nights, people... in a world where words are weapons, hope is almost impossible to come by, and faith is all that remains. This one is scheduled to be released by early 2013.


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This is the place for all the latest news updates on the show, where we'll be hanging out, what live shows are next, as well as regularly updated screen shots and behind-the-scenes candids of the new episodes and locations. So if you haven't already, sign up there today!

Hope to see you all at the August Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ!

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